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There's nothing worse than a leaking conservatory roof and we've got the solution to repairing it! From replacement polycarbonate panels, replacement leaky guttering to a complete replacement roof with the very latest self cleaning glass to bring it up to date and helping to keep the costs down!

As well as the roofs and guttering, we quite often replace the misted up double glazed units or the occasional one that has been smashed by the garden strimmer or even something as small as a broken window handle. What ever it is, we can sort it out.


When it come to roofs, polycarbonate panels are what conservatories were originally supplied with and we can still replace these in a wide range of colours to match your existing panels. We do however replace complete roofs that carry the latest energy efficiency self cleaning glass which really transforms the conservatory's appearance and lets so much more light in giving you a room with a sky view! All new roofs come with steel reinforcement to support the extra weight and also to give a good strong rigid support to the frames below. Its like having a new conservatory but without the cost!


Ultimately new design concepts have become bolder and more striking with product performance now geared to affordable all year round use.  With a broad range of classic and contemporary styles, homeowners can enjoy using their glass extensions that stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There is a broad range of colours now available including the very latest and ever popular Anthracite Grey colour among many other woodgrain finishes to the classic white colour so every conservatory produced can be tailored to meet the consumers specifications down to the very last details of style and design.


Call us today for more details and your free quotation...

STOKE-ON-TRENT: 01782 768982

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LEEK: 01538 269333

STONE: 01785 594342

CONGLETON: 01260 221551  

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